Tucson Marathon Training: Week 12

Happy Monday people! I woke up today feeling extra motivated and ready to have the BEST week ever! Last week was one of those weeks that I just couldn’t seem to turn around. I felt (more…)

Tucson Marathon Training: Week 8

8 weeks down? How is that even possible!? This past week took a lot of grit. Like A LOT. I had 2 speed workouts, short recovery runs and 16 miles on the books. I got through mentally (more…)

Tucson Marathon Training: Week 7

Happy Monday all! I cannot believe we are almost half way through September! I don’t know how time moves so fast, it is CRAZY to me. This week I was feeling so much more like myself which was such a relief. Being sick is one of the worst things to me, ever. (more…)

Tucson Marathon Training: Week 6

What a week! After coming back from the bachelorette party I was definitely not feeling myself. By Tuesday I knew it wasn’t a hangover anymore and a full blown bug. After some (more…)

Tucson Marathon Training: Week 5

What a week! First off it was my birthday week which always means lots of over indulging and going out to dinner. Second it was one of my best friends bachelorette parties! Both so much fun and so draining. I am literally pooped.  (more…)

Tucson Marathon Training: Week 4

Happy birthday week to me! Tomorrow I turn 26 and I cannot believe it. 25 happened way to fast, I seriously wish time would just slow down sometimes. Here is a look into the past week: (more…)

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