Tucson Marathon Recap!

It’s been 5 days since I crossed that finish line and I am still not over the post race high. The Tucson Marathon will hold a special place in my heart forever for so many reasons. Not (more…)

Tucson Marathon Training: Week 17

PEAK WEEK!!! I can’t believe how fast it happened. At the beginning of the week I looked at that 50 miles and thought to myself “can I really do this?!” The answer is YES I can, and I DID! (more…)

Tucson Marathon Training: Week 15

One month from Thursday I will be running my 4th Marathon. How does time go by so fast?! I am starting to feel all the emotions that come with race day! Mostly I just cannot wait to cross that finish line once again! (more…)

Tucson Marathon Training: Weeks 13 + 14

Happy Wednesday all! These past few weeks have been jam packed with so many amazing things. The highlight being my best friend getting married to the guy she’s been dating since she was in 8th grade! Sorry for the delay in posts as I catch up on life.

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