Feeling so inspired today after watching so many friends race in the Chicago Marathon. Any time a big race like that happens I am always reminded of why I run and how it makes me feel. I also am so excited because I have officially signed up for marathon number 5! I will be running Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth Minnesota this June to celebrate my grandma almost a year to the date. This race will be my very first full attempt to qualify for Boston. I am saying it out loud so you all can actually hear it. HOW EXCITING!

This week I was feeling extra emotional. I really couldn’t let go of all the events the week had brought. I woke up Monday and found out about yet another horrific event that our country has faced. My legs and heart were heavy on my recovery run.

Tuesday I had a pretty important progression run planned. Toni wanted me to get really specific with how my paces were feeling by not always looking down at my watch. I went out trying to be super intentional with this run. What I noticed is that I surprised myself with how easy some of the paces I used to think felt hard were feeling. It’s amazing to see how far you can go in just a short time.

Wednesday I took a much needed personal/rest day. I very literally didn’t really move from the couch. (That never happens.)

Thursday I had 4 easy miles planned. My legs were finally feeling much more rested and recovered. I was surprised at how fast they wanted to move. After my run I headed to a much needed yoga class with one of my favorite teachers.

Friday my legs were once again feeling like lead. There was so much lactic acid build up in them. Again. I struggled with the easy paces and almost tapped more into recovery pace. Which I was completely fine with.

Saturday was another long run day! Much to my surprise my legs were feeling GREAT! I used this run as a test for a new kind of fueling process. I typically use GU’s on my runs which can always be a toss up on my stomach. This time I used dates and let me tell you I never once felt any fatigue. I also was super mindful to hydrate a lot during this run. I actually peed 2x which literally NEVER happens. I ended the run feeling amazing and it was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence.

Sunday was another rest day to round out my second 40+ mile week!

Monday: 7mi @ 10:04
Tuesday: Progression Run:
mi 1-2 @ 8:40 (8:35, 8:41)
mi 3-4 @ 8:30 (8:35, 8:31)
mi 5-6 @ 8:20 (8:21, 8:20)
mi 7-8 @ 8:10 (8:10, 8:04)
8 mi total @ 8:25
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 4mi @ 9:08
Friday: 5mi @ 9:24
Saturday: 18mi @ 9:08
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 42miĀ 


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