One month from Thursday I will be running my 4th Marathon. How does time go by so fast?! I am starting to feel all the emotions that come with race day! Mostly I just cannot wait to cross that finish line once again!

I woke up on Monday after a fun weekend feeling a little tired. I decided to take an extra hour of sleep and wait till after work to head out for my recovery run. The run was tough my legs felt really tight and heavy but I got it done.

Tuesday was halloween! I am not a huge fan of the holiday, but I decided to wear black and orange to honor it on my run. I went out for an easy 10 miler and honestly struggled through most of it. It was just one of those days where running felt really really hard.

Wednesday I took a rest day because my legs were still feeling so much lactic acid from the weekend in heels.

Thursday I headed out for an easy 6 miler. My legs were finally feeling better and it was a beautiful morning for a run!

Friday was just a short 3 mile recovery run. Honestly I was glad it was a short run because I just needed to rest and be lazy. I ended up getting a massage and enjoying time restoring myself. By the end of the day I was feeling so amazing.

Saturday was a quite eventful day. I woke up feeling energized and ready to crush my 22 mile run. My legs felt great, my body felt great and I was seriously on fire. The first 5 miles I noticed that my legs wanted to move pretty fast. I finally got into a groove and stopped by my moms house for some water and to take a GU. On my way back is when things got wild. About a mile from my house I was knees deep into the serial podcast when BAM (literally BAM) something hit me. When I finally realized what had happened I was on the ground and it pain. A guy riding a bike had hit me from the side dead on. I took a moment to recover and once I felt good enough I told him he could move on. Once we parted ways I checked my wounds and called Warren. He told me to head home to get cleaned up. The first few steps were rough but after that I got back into my groove. Once at home I realized how bad it actually was. I did my best to clean my wounds but I was so determined to get back out there. I wanted so badly to finish that run. So that’s exactly what I did. I made the choice to stay close to home just in case I needed to go back. In my mind I set mini goals. I would say things like “just get to 15 miles” and then once I did I would say “just get to 18 miles” and so on. By the time I finished my run I felt so elated. Did I actually just do that?! Yes, yes I did. Once I finished my run I immediately drew a bath with some epsom salt. I soaked for a while and then tried to clean the wounds again. By this time the blood was literally dried to my skin. After a few hours the swelling started to hit and I was feeling much more in pain. The rest of the day I just rested iced and relaxed on the couch. Pictures below of what it looked like. Warning they look much worse than they felt!

Sunday was rest day. AND I NEEDED IT!

Monday: 7mi @ 9:45
Tuesday: 10mi @ 9:10
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 6mi @ 9:02
Friday: 3mi @ 9:53
Saturday: 22mi @ 9:06
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 48mi

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