PEAK WEEK!!! I can’t believe how fast it happened. At the beginning of the week I looked at that 50 miles and thought to myself “can I really do this?!” The answer is YES I can, and I DID!

Monday I slept in because I hate running in the dark. After work I headed out for a 6 mile recovery run. I texted Toni letting her know I was feeling a little nervous heading into my big track workout the next day. She reminded me that no matter what it is going to feel hard but it is supposed to.

Tuesday I woke up with some serious determination. I ate breakfast and headed to the track. I had a goal in mind and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from achieving it. Lap after lap I got closer to that goal. It was the BEST track workout I have ever had.

Wednesday was rest day!

Thursday was a 9 mile recovery run! I enjoyed this run a lot!

Friday was another 5 mile recovery run. I took this day to set myself up for my last 20 miler and successful peak week. I did all the self recovery things!

Saturday was the last 20 miler! I actually loved this run so much. I listened to a podcast almost the entire time which made the time literally fly by. And just like that I survived my first ever 50 mile week.

Sunday was rest day!

Monday: 6mi @ 9:47
2mi WU
10x800m, 400m recovery
1mi CD
10mi total
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 9mi @ 9:44
Friday: 5mi @ 9:54
Saturday: 20mi @ 9:08
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 50mi

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