HELLO TAPER WEEK 1! Yes, I said the T word. I can’t believe it!!! 

Monday I waited until after work to run. I headed out trying to beat the sunset for my easy 6 miler. The one thing I hate about winter is how soon the sun goes down, but it makes for some BEAUTIFUL sunsets!

Tuesday I had a tempo run planned. I did a 2 mile warm up, 1 mi CD and 6 miles at GMP. I actually talked on the phone for almost all of them and every time I looked down at my watch I was surprised at how fast I was going. It felt SO GOOD!

Wednesday was rest day!

Thursday was Thanksgiving! I had an easy 7 miles planned. I actually went out on Wednesday night with a few friends so I was nervous that this run was going to be a disaster. Surprisingly my legs wanted to move super fast. Warren and I then spent the rest of the day hopping from house to house. Literally like the movie 4 Christmas’s. It was exhausting ha.

Friday I had a later shift for Black Friday which I was excited about! I slept in a little and then headed out for a 6 mile recovery run before heading into my closing shift at work.

Saturday I slept in due to getting home pretty late from work. I headed out for one of my last long runs knowing that I was a little more tired than usual. I pushed through the thoughts of discomfort and ended strong!

Monday: 6mi @ 9:09
Tuesday: 9mi @ 8:31
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 7mi @ 9:02
Friday: 6mi @ 9:42
Saturday: 14mi @ 9:06
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 42mi 

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