Taper week 2 and the last week until race week! I am SOOOO EXCITED!! 

Monday I did my new normal routine of waiting until after work to run. I headed out before the sunset for a 5 mile recovery run. This felt short for a Monday but I knew it would have. I caught yet again another beautiful Monday sunset ending a beautiful day.

Tuesday I had a mini track workout planned. Toni and I had chatted about how I should be trying to hit these paces but unlike my other track workouts I don’t really need to be reaching for negative splits. I actually didn’t go out on the track for this one and took the bike path instead. During my warm up I ran into my mom who was riding her bike along the path. It was such a nice surprise. My splits felt easy and I few times I had to slow myself down. Overall it was a perfect last track workout.

Wednesday I took a much needed yoga class. I haven’t been on my mat in a few weeks and it felt so good to get bendy again!

Thursday I had an easy 8 planned. When I checked the weather I noticed an air quality alert in affect. My asthma always acts up a little extra on those days so this run felt ROUGH, but I pushed through and got it done!

Friday I was still feeling like it was a little hard to breathe outside. I made sure to move slow on my 6 mile recovery run and to take breaks if I needed them.

Saturday was the LAST LONG RUN! I headed out for what felt like the SHORTEST long run ever at 10 miles! Officially only a week out from RACE DAY!

Sunday was rest day!

Monday: 5mi @ 9:51
Tuesday: Track Workout
1mi WU
10x400m, 200m recovery
1mi CD
Wednesday: 75 minutes of yoga
Thursday: 8mi @ 9:06
Friday: 6mi @ 9:47
Saturday: 10mi @ 9:02
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 35mi


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