I cannot believe I am writing about RACE WEEK! HOW FREAKING CRAZY! I can’t wait to share with you all the who race recap next post! Here is what my days leading up to race day looked like.

Monday I woke up super excited about the week ahead. I was lucky enough to get some time off before my race so Tuesday was going to be my last day at work for the week. I waited till after work to get my run done. It was an easy 4 miles which felt like the shortest run EVER! I had to remind my legs to move slow throughout the whole run. But they were feeling good and that was exciting to me!

Tuesday I did my last GMP run! It was short and sweet with 1 mi WU 3 @ GMP and 1 mi CD! It was actually really cold out for once so my legs were feeling a little tense due to the new weather change! I didn’t let that get me down cause as soon as I started moving they warmed up a bit! Overall it was a really good way to end my training cycle.

Wednesday was rest day. I also didn’t have to work which was super exciting. I took full advantage of the laziness and literally did NOTHING but hydrate and relax all day. It was AMAZING!

Thursday looked a lot like Wednesday! Around noon I headed to a much needed massage and then had my last training call with Toni. We talked all about the race, my fears, what I was looking forward to, how I was feeling and what to do for the rest of the week. It was GREAT!

Friday I woke up and did a quick 2 mile shakeout run. Legs were feeling great and I was starting to get super excited for Saturday. After my run I packed up all my things and headed to Tucson with my family. When we got to the hotel we checked in and ate some lunch. After lunch we headed to the expo (which was in the hotel) and I picked up my race packet! It was a super small race so there wasn’t much of an expo, but I was okay with that because that just means less money spent! After the expo we headed back to the room for a little rest before going out for an early dinner. I chose North as our pre race dinner spot. I ordered a Salmon salad and ate a lot of bread with it haha. After dinner we headed back to the hotel. I took a epsom salt bath, made sure everything was all set out and turned the lights out by 9:30. I feel really lucky because I don’t typically have a hard time falling asleep before races!

Saturday was RACE DAY! I will be posting a full recap of the day in my next post! STAY TUNED! After the race we celebrated with mimosas, a MUCH needed massage and dinner. I appreciated this so so much.

Sunday was obviously rest day! We headed home early and was back in Phoenix by 11:30am! I spent the rest of the day laying around on the couch as I was pretty sore and was moving super super slow.

Monday: 4mi @ 9:05 average
Tuesday: 5mi @ 8:37 average
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: REST
Friday: 2mi @ 9:33 average
Saturday: 26.2mi @ 3:43:25
Sunday: REST
Total Miles: 37.2 mi

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