Happy Monday friends! The first week of non base training is complete. My legs are as happy as I am! This past week was Seawheeze, I have so much FOMO every year I see people running that race. I have decided that I have to go next year no matter what I will make it happen. Just saying.

Monday I kicked off my week my easy morning miles. I feel like my legs know when it is a Monday. It always takes them an extra half a mile before they want to really start moving, which is fine. After work I headed to yoga to stretch it out.

Tuesday was recovery run day! My legs wanted to move faster than I had hoped that day but it made me really focusing on slowing down and enjoying the ride. My favorite part about recovery runs is that I can change up my music and listen to something a little slower paced. It’s so nice.

Wednesday was another tempo run! I started out this run thinking it was going to go a completely different direction. By mile 1 I had to stop because of some tummy troubles (sorry TMI) I was worried they were going to bother me the whole run and it was going to make it super difficult to hit my paces. Well after my stop I felt so much better. I actually ended up hitting paces about 10 seconds faster than I was supposed to be doing (sorry Toni!). It felt great but I definitely want to make sure I am following the plan that she has set for me so that I am not burning my legs out the first week of training lol.

Thursday I headed to Bodi for the last time in the old gym. I am so excited to see the new place and get my sweat on there!

Friday I met Andy at the park for a few easy miles. I always love running/chatting with her! It makes the time go by so much faster. Friday night Warren and I kicked off the beginning of our birthday celebrations at my favorite restaurant Sapporo. Literally the best food coma you’ll ever have!

Saturday was long run day after eating so much the night before I was worried I was going to feel a little heavy but honestly I felt great. It also was supposed to downpour rain so the humidity was so high! My goal pace was to do around 9:15 the whole time and I did just that!

Sunday was rest day and I definitely needed it.

Training Overview:
Monday: 4 mi @ 9:29 average + 75 minutes of yoga
Tuesday: 5 mi @ 10:04 average
1mi WU @ 9:37
mi 2-4 8:22, 8:20, 8:17
1 mi CD @ 9:10
Thursday: 55 minutes of HITT
Friday: 4 mi @ 9:28 average
Saturday: 8 mi @ 9:17 average
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 26 mi total

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