Happy birthday week to me! Tomorrow I turn 26 and I cannot believe it. 25 happened way to fast, I seriously wish time would just slow down sometimes. Here is a look into the past week:

Monday morning I headed out for my usual easy miles. My legs were feeling unusually tight during this run and did not really warm up until the end. I definitely noticed that I needed to foam roll.

Tuesday was another recovery run. I was actually loving this run the whole time. Moving slower has taught me to enjoy things like people who are passing by and the moment I am in.

Wednesday I got up at 4am to get my GMP run in by 5:30. I have never ran this early before and honestly it was pretty eye opening. 4am is a scary hour! It was so dark out and literally only a few people were on the road. I stayed near the cars on the road and in the light so I could 1. be seen and 2. be aware of my surroundings. I know that is not my only 4am run but I know next time I’ll be way more prepared.

Thursday I was feeling super tired so I was relieved to actually sleep in. After getting 9 hours a sleep I was feeling so much better and headed to get my yoga on.

Friday I got up early and headed out for another easy 5 miles. I took a new route which I enjoyed a lot! After my run I spent the whole day deep cleaning our condo. I love doing this every so often!

Saturday was long run day and I was actually looking forward to this run all week. It was my first double digit run in months and I was ready to rock it! Still keeping it at an easy pace my legs felt great the whole time. I had to fight myself to slow down a lot because occasionally I’d look down and see I was running way too fast. Overall it was a great first double-digit run!

Sunday was rest day!

Training Overview:
Monday: 4 mi @ 9:28 average
Tuesday: 4 mi @ 10:08 average
1mi WU @ 9:18
mi 2-5 8:23, 8:48, 8:43, 8:55
last .6 mi CD @ 9:17
Thursday: 75 minutes of yoga
Friday: 5 mi @ 9:19 average
Saturday: 10 mi @ 9:16 average
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 28.6 mi total

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