What a week! After coming back from the bachelorette party I was definitely not feeling myself. By Tuesday I knew it wasn’t a hangover anymore and a full blown bug. After some extra rest and sleep I was able to kick it by Saturday. It definitely makes you appreciate when your body is 100%.

Monday I somehow managed to pull out my easy 6 miler before work. I felt like I was just moving the motions when I was doing it but that was probably because I was sick.

Tuesday I was thankful for a short recovery run. It felt harder than normal but I knew I was sick by this point so I wasn’t pushing it.

Wednesday I felt a little bit better and was able to at least be about 85% myself. I still got my track workout in on the treadmill but after my run I definitely felt like I went to hard. My body wasn’t recovering like normal and it was putting me out.

Thursday I was thankful to have a rest day. I had a check in call with Toni and told her how I was feeling. We decided that I would take an extra day of rest this week and let my body do it’s thing. We also decided to re adjust my goal time for the marathon. I will now be working towards an 8:15-8:25 minute pace instead of 8:35. This scares but excites me and I cannot wait to see what the rest of training brings.

Friday was another rest day. I decided I needed to sweat out the rest of this bug with some yoga. Which was EXACTLY what I needed. The rest of the day I relaxed and went to bed early.

Saturday I had 10 miles scheduled. I felt really great for the first 5 and then it went downhill from there. It was a super humid day and I think I was a little dehydrated. Mentally I was loosing it from miles 6-10. After it was over I was just glad to be finished.

Sunday was another rest day!

Training Overview:
Monday: 6 mi @ 9:30 average
Tuesday: 3 mi @ 10:04 average
Wednesday: Track workout 1.5mi WU 6x800m with 400m recovery 1.5mi CD = 7.25mi total
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 75 minutes of yoga
Saturday: 10mi @ 9:25 average
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 26.2 mi total

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