Happy Monday all! I cannot believe we are almost half way through September! I don’t know how time moves so fast, it is CRAZY to me. This week I was feeling so much more like myself which was such a relief. Being sick is one of the worst things to me, ever.

Monday started off like all other Monday’s do with easy miles! I was glad to have a short 3 mile run because my legs felt like lead. They wouldn’t move, like at all. Plus it was labor day which meant a crazy busy day at work.

Tuesday was recovery run day. I got in 6 happy miles. I seriously look forward to these slow miles every week. Not only can I feel the difference in my recovery time but I feel like it is nice to slow down for once. Everyone should try it!

Wednesday I got up at 4 to get to the track by 4:30. I have never said that before. I got in my speed work before the sunrise even happened. CRAZY. It was mentally tough. It was so dark out and I could feel myself being confused by it. However, I pushed through and got that shit done #thankgod.

Thursday I finally got to go to the new Bodi! It has been open for almost a month and I have not seen it! CRAZY! It’s so beautiful.

Friday I had another short 4 mile easy run planned. I got it done and then literally spent the rest of the day of the couch, something I never do. I felt so refreshed after that. Highly recommend those lazy days. Friday night I went and saw the movie IT, which was one of my favorites as a child. It was really good and I know people don’t typically like scary movies but come on it’s Stephen King you gotta see it!

Saturday I woke up early and started my long run. About 5 miles in I met with Andy and ran to the 7 mile marker before turning around. She decided she was going to run all the way back to my house with me which was such a blessing. She made that run go by so fast and it was so nice to have her by my side! Thanks girl!

Training Overview:
Monday: 3 mi @ 9:21 average
Tuesday: 6 mi @ 10:14 average
Wednesday: Track workout 1.5mi WU 6x800m with 400m recovery 1.5mi CD = 7.25mi total
Thursday: 50 minutes of HITT training
Friday: 4 mi @ 9:16 average
Saturday: 14 mi @ 9:23 average
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 34.25 mi total

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