8 weeks down? How is that even possible!? This past week took a lot of grit. Like A LOT. I had 2 speed workouts, short recovery runs and 16 miles on the books. I got through mentally by just focusing on one day at a time. This method paid off. I wasn’t worried about the next day or thinking about my long run, instead I was just living in the mile and moment I was in. How great is that?!

Monday kicked the week off with my 8×800 workout. I woke up at 4:30 and got myself to the track by 5:15. I was so worried my legs wouldn’t even know how to respond to a speed workout on a Monday that I didn’t even notice how usually hot it was. Like mid summer morning hot. I started off with my 1.5 mile warm up and was shedding my layers after the first 2 laps (yikes). To make matters worse the wind started to pick up and of course was going the opposite way I was. GREAT! After my first two 800s I was struggling. I knew I had a choice. So I chose to keep my head down and to grind grind grind the best I could until it was finished. This run left me feeling super humbled.

Tuesday was a recovery 3 miler. Nothing fancy, special or even rememberable (seriously I don’t remember it. LOL)

Wednesday I took an active rest day. After work I headed to yoga and got bendy on my mat for the first time in two weeks. It was MUCH needed.

Thursday was a 7 mile tempo run. I headed out a little later than I had hope which resulted in the end of the run being a little warmer than expected. The run went super well and I was able to hit all my paces!

Friday was another recovery 3 miler, once again nothing special.

Saturday was long run day! The weather was significantly cooler which had me so excited. I decided to keep my pace more reserved on the slower end of the easy side to let my legs recovery a little more from the week. About 5 miles in I met up with Andy who ran the rest of the way with me! Love running buddies!

Sunday was a rest day. Andy got us tickets to go to the Tone It Up Tour which was so awesome! I wasn’t able to stay for any of the workouts because I had work but it was definitely a cool experience.

Training Overview:
Monday: Track Workout:
1.5mi WU
8×800 w 400 recovery
1.5mi CD = 8.75 mi @ 8:19 average
Tuesday: 3 mi @ 9:57 average
Wednesday: 75 minutes of yoga
Thursday: 1mi WU 5mi @ GMP 1mi CD = 7mi 8:32 @ average
Friday: 3 mi @ 9:45 average
Saturday: 16 mi @ 9:22 average
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 37.75 mi total



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1 Comment on Tucson Marathon Training: Week 8

  1. Andy
    September 21, 2017 at 9:03 am (3 months ago)

    I seriously have been loving our Saturday long runs!!! Thanks for letting me tag along ??


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