Okay guys, I realize that my blogging break has been ridiculous. So hang tight as I catch you all up to speed/spam your inboxes with a crazy amount of catch up work. Here it is: 

Week 16 training looked a little different due to my bike accident. After my 22 mile long run I chatted with Toni and we made a plan for how to head into the week. She gave me a range of mileage and changed all the speed workouts to easy/recovery runs. I took each day by feel and went forth based on solely that.

Monday I went out for an easy 6 miler. I noticed a little hip pain but once I got going it seemed to be fine. My elbow was still pretty ugly at this point but the swelling was starting to go down so that was a good sign.

Tuesday I did an 8 mile recovery run. I made sure to go slow and take each mile with ease. My hip was no longer bothering me and my elbow was looking 80% better so all things were looking up!

Wednesday was rest day!

Thursday was another 8 recovery miles. By this day my elbow was back to it’s normal size and starting to scab over really nice! My hip was still pretty bruised but nothing horrible! I made a last minute decision to move my long run to Friday this day. I was feeling good and had a wedding on Saturday so I wanted to make sure I got it done.

Friday I had my last GMP long run! I made sure I did exactly what my body was feeling without pushing it and freaking nailed it. My first 9 miles were easy 4 @ GMP and last 2 easy! SPLITS were on POINT at 8:11, 8:16, 8:20, 8:12!

Saturday was another 6 mile recovery run!

Monday: 6mi @ 9:15
Tuesday: 8mi @ 9:52
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 8mi @ 9:50
Friday: 15mi @ 8:51
Saturday: 6mi @ 9:45
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 43mi

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